Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cakes, cakes......and more cakes!!!!

I love cakes!!! cakes are sooo yummy and whenever i have a spare minute and parents aren't at home, i'll bake something of some sort!!!! ^-^ recently its been cakes!!!! ^-^ i wanna get the whipped cream made to perfection but it never happens!!!! butthe cake still tastes yummy!!!!!

^-^ The first cake i made, wasnt too bad, it tasted great but i couldnt get the whipped cream right!!!!!! but i slapped it on anyway!!! here's a pic

I made one for my last day of colloege too which was 2 weeks ago and i still messed up the whipped cream.....don't seem to be gettting the hang of it very well do i? ^-^ but the cake was still good!!

The one that i made for the weekend just gone, i think turned out the best....still couldnt get the cream right!!!!!

I looked on the web for some info on making the whipped cream and one said to put melted gelatin in it....tried it and ended up fishing out all these gelatin strings in it afterward????!!!!

Does anyone know of a recipe/method for professional whipped cream (or just cream) frosting?????? i would be sooo grateful if you could let me know!!! ^-^


Astrid said...

Hi Yuzuki. Sorry I can't help with your whipped cream (I've never used it much myself), but I must say your cakes look lovely.

Yuzuki said...

^-^ dont worry about the whipped cream, i'm sure i'll work it out one day ^-^ thanks too!!! ^-^

Mhai said...

hello yuzuki! actually there's no secret in making the perfect whipped cream, just keep in mind to keep your cream very cold, and add powdered sugar for sweetness and stability. Whip the cream until streaks form from the whisk attachment (if your using a Kitchen Aid mixer. Whisk until light and fluffy :)