Friday, April 14, 2006

Herb Crusted Roast Rack of Lamb

Today, because dad was fasting (Good Friday), I made lunch for mum and me. ^-^ I wanted to try something I'd never done before so i made roast rack of lamb with a herb crust. Yummy!!! ^-^ I'm sooo going to make it again!!! soooo yummy, but i might actually marinade the lamb the night before the day that I'm going to cook it .

Sorry about my poor photography skills, plus poor presentation skills. ^-^

Oh and yeah, the lamb might look a bit overdone, but I have a kinda phobia of eating blood.....wierd? It takes a lot to get me to eat meat that has blood still visable in it ^-^ bad bad yuzuki!!!!! ^-^ so whenever i cook meat, i always try to get it just right where i won't be able to see any blood but at the same time, it won't be dry. I'm working on it though!!!! Ganbarimasu!!!!! ^-^

To accompany the lamb, i decided to make potato escalopes?? i think thats what they're called. It was also the first time that I'd ever made them before, but i think they went very well ^-^ will need to use a waxy potato though. We only had baking ones which were quite floury, in the house so i just grabbed one of them and made them.
I also roasted some carrots, parsnips and some shallots which i saw in the supermarket and thought they looked quite interesting. They're called Echalion Shallots....strange name ^-^ but they tasted really good ^-^

If anyone wants the recipe, just leave a message in the comments box and I'll be sure to post the recipe(s) ^-^


Astrid said...

My goodness you seem to be a very accomplished cook! When I was 18 I barely knew how to boil an egg... How did you learn? And more importantly, how can I get *my* daughters to cook lunch for me?!

Yuzuki said...

^-^ hmm, i guess it's because my dad used to be a chef in a Chinese restaurant and he always makes really good food all the time, so i have always had an interest in food ^-^ I've never been to a cookery school before (although i would like to) but whenever i have the time, i'll watch those cooking shows on TV because they always give me great ideas. A lot of the time, i like to be quite experimental so somethings work and some don't ^-^ Not sure on how you could get your daughters to cook for you but when i was younger, i started making cakes and cookies and now i just thoroughly enjoy cooking ^-^

Yuzuki said...

I also like to look through as many cookbooks as i can get my hands on and see if anything catches my eye. I like all the pictures hehehehehehehe makes me hungry ^-^
plus there's the internet and endless food blogs where i pick up tips and learn new cooking methods/recipes ^-^
i think that you have to have an interest/passion in cooking to cook (especially for girls) ^-^