Sunday, July 23, 2006

Caramel Cream Profiterols!!!!!!!!

kwaaaa, on Friday, i had some of my friends come over to my house for a little get together and obviously, being the crazy baking and cooking obsessive that i am, i made stacks and stacks of food, not to mention some really really funky desserts!!! ^-^

even though im meant to be resting especially straight after my operation which was on Wednesday, i couldnt sit still. i needed to keep myself busy. so i trawled through all the recipes that ive copied down from the internet on random pieces of paper and finally found one that i have for sooo long wanted to try out. I cant remember where i found it but most undoubtably its source is probably Japanese!!! (one of the disadvantages of copying things on bits of paper, i tend to only copy the recipes!!...really should copy down the source too)

Having chosen my recipe, i was up for a task!!! My chosen recipe? Caramel Cream Profiterols. well thats the name ive given it because i couldnt come up with anything that made sense.

The dessert as a whole was comprised of 3 things.
Choux pastry buns
Pattiserie Cream (caramel Flavour)
and Creme Chantilly (whipped Cream also Caramel Flavour)

and as for the caramel flavouring in both the creams, i also had to make that.

I'm actually quite amazed that i was able to make them because i had never ever attempted to make any of these scrummy things before.

I made the buns and the caramel and the creams on Thursday and put the whole thing together on Friday and wow were they a crowed pleaser!!!! ^-^

I had also baked a Cinnamon Chiffon on Thursday too....dont know how i managed to make sooo much all on my own!!!! and seeing as i had never made a cinnamon flavoured cake before i was worried that i may have made it slightly too strong (that which i had done)
so on Friday morning (very very early) i baked a nice simple tasting Vanilla Chiffon which is always a definate crowd pleaser!!!! ^-^

Will type up the recipe when i have some time! ^-^

For the main course (had to type up about desserts first because they were just soooo yummy!!!!!) i made two kinds of roast!
a roasted rack/rib of Beef
and a roasted leg of lamb

with roast potatoes (how can you have a roast and not have the spuds???)
tonnes and tonnes of Gravy (a roast is not a roast unless there's Gravy)
carrots and parsnips

and a baked stuffed butternut squash!!! ^-^

just writing about it is making me hungry again!!! ^-^

well everyone enjoyed it (i think and hope) ^-^ and i will definately post some more as well as the recipes!! ^-^

meanwhile hope whoever is reading this likes the photo!! ^-^


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