Monday, July 17, 2006

Food Update!!!!!

Kwaaa Yuzu has been sooo bad!!! bad bad bad bad bad

so much has been happening lately!! A-levels have finished! exams are over so have been doing a lot socialising .....and eating and getting fat!

well also have been doing lots of cooking and baking!!!!! mwahahahaha some worked some havent!!! most of my culinary experiments were really cool though!!! ^-^

i think the most successful experiment so far has been a plain Chiffon cake which cam out sooo perfect even i myself was shocked!!!! ^-^ It was the most lightest and airiest cake that i have ever made in my entired life!!!!! ^-^ sooo pleased with the result!!! I found the recipe a while back from a Japanese website (I think all the Japanese food websites outdo all the english ones!!!) and il have a rummage around for it! As usual, i wrote it on some scrap piece of paper so I'll have to have a big long search for it (plus i hope mum hasnt mistaken it for some junk and thrown it away..noooo) ^-^

I think the next step i take is gonna be flavouring it with different things. Pandan is quite a popular flavour with my family (must be an asain/chinese thing) I luve green tea so im gonna have to try that one out, strawberry cos pink is a yummy yummy colour!, vanila because who doesnt like a hint of vanilla? blueberries ....they rock!!! hmmmm and coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, maybe banana......any other ideas? anyone? ^-^

will post some more about everything else i have made!!!! wanna make them again and take some gorgeous photos to show!!! ^-^

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